Self-developed hungarian bow, for which are we proud of a good cause. It’s body is fiberglass with artificial resin, the siyahs are made of stained and varnished ash.
We tried to endow it with a simple appearance, since it’s performance speaks for itself.
Calm and infinitely friendly, perfect even for to be the first bow. However it is not to be underestimated, it’s better than many laminated bows!
I recommend it for anyone, because of its performance, friendliness and extreme drawlength, for horseback archers as well as train beginner foot archers.

Easy to string up, to draw it over is almost impossible, its maximal drawlength is over 34”! It can be ordered between 25 and 45#, measured by 28”. Whole length is 134 cm, (strung), unstrung 152 cm, measured on the longer side. We take 2 years warranty.