An other of our development, which we are proud for. In this bow, we’ve combined the knowledge of our Ancestors with the achievements of the modern era. We simultaneously used ancient and modern ingredients, creating a bow, which even in its form, stands at the closest to the bow of the Ancestors. The base is a laminated wooden core, coated in the pressed (inner) side with a special reconstructed horn, which is a mixture of horn, fiberglass and artificialresin. On the pulled (outer) side is located a thin fiberglass sheet – like what is used by the laminated bows-, covered with a thin layer of sinew. Making it more special, we keeped the form of the bows what has been found in the graves, so we got as final outcome a bow, which works more efficient, than a same, but simplier (laminated or fiberglass) bow.

It’s maximal drawlength is 31”, and made between 25 and 45#, measured by 28”.
Whole length is 130cm, (strung), unstrung 150cm, measured on the longer side. The length of the string is just 122cm!

We take 2 years warranty.